Interview: CC:DISCO!

Interview: CC:DISCO!

We catch up with CC:DISCO! a week or so after her stellar performance in The Sup’ at MMF 2016 and relive what made it such a memorable experience. Figaro is honoured to have such a truly awesome and lovely soul to start off our interview series.

We’d talked about how excited you were to play Meredith and from a punter’s perspective you did an amazing job. The crowd must have looked pretty nice against such a beautiful backdrop. How’d you find playing to so many loving faces?

It was a dream slot. It had honestly been my number 1 dream gig in Australia and it wasn't a let down at all, it was even better than I dreamt. It was so great to have all my friends, some who had never seen what I do, at the front and so many people who have been at my gigs over the years all cheering me on. It’s a really special place in The Sup’, its one festival that never changes and somehow always attracts the best of the best people in Australia. And yes that view from the stage was something else, I will never forget it. 

In your Meredith set you played some diverse sounds; disco, house, some Aussie classics and a sprinkling of some Middle Eastern flavours, what are some of your early experiences with music?

I think I discovered disco at about 5 years old through an old tape my mum had with all the classic hits, but when I was younger I was really into "alternative music" and was playing in punk and alternative bands in school. Dance music came as soon as I hit the clubs but because of the time I grew up in, it was a big time for techno. Back when I was growing up, techno was actually in the top 10 so dance music has always been there and I guess I've never really stuck to playing just disco but just all the music I feel. The Middle Eastern stuff is great especially when it’s in the more chugging vibe. There is something hypnotic about those beats and the tune I played "Babylonia", an upcoming release from Melbourne producers River Yarra and Tom Baker, was certainly a big part of my sets for the last 3 months so I had to play it in The Sup’. 

I remember being in disbelief when I heard “Under the Milky Way” by The Church pouring out of the Meredith speakers as the last song in your set. Is there a special reason you chose that song to play?

Yes, that was the exact plan! That was a special moment especially as I'd just brought my dad out. Closing songs have always been a big part of what I do, certainly not a new thing. I feel like they just round it all out and can just bring a special moment out after you have been banging it out. I love that song and I love what came out of Australia in the 80's. I was listening to it while walking in the dark about a month ago and it just hit me... you have to close with this song! It’s a masterpiece, which everyone can relate to in some way. Since then I have had so many messages from people who were saying they were teary-eyed, that’s a huge honour to make someone feel like crying at 4.30 in the morning after a two-day festival. 

It seemed like a pretty special moment when you brought your dad out to the stage during your set. What did he have to say about it after the festival?

He still can't even comprehend it, it was all a bit of a surprise and he really didn't know what he was going to. Harold is from another time, he is farmer and never really knew what I did. He thought I played weddings, and I've always been so thankful as he would milk cows and drive me an hour away to do my radio show at 15 because that all I ever wanted to do. He had no words, he still doesn't but he loves seeing how people get lost in music and how important it is to people. He is just also blown away at how people are just so nice to him and that he can experience this as an almost 70-year old man without judgement.

Now, if you could choose out of anyone from the far reaches of the world, who would your dream b2b set be with? 

I would say Hunee, I feel like I can relate to Hunee. He isn't a "scene" DJ, and you just get lost in his energy. Every time I see him it confirms what I do and why I do it and that there are more people like me that just play what they feel not getting caught up in "what’s hot' etc. I think we could play an excellent set together. He also just seems like a dead set legend, someone you would want to have a couple of jamo's with. 

Finally, what does 2017 have in store for you?

Pretty exciting year coming, but honestly, 2016 was just a dream year. So I could retire now and be happy. In January I'm heading to NZ with Theo Parrish, can’t wait to play with him as he is hero of mine, then it’s back for Boiler Room/Sugar Mountain which I can't wait for, post that, a little break from the clubs then a bunch more stuff to be announced soon. 

Thanks for having a chat CC, keep doing what you do, much love.

Thanks so much for having me and being at so many of my sets this year as well.

Catch CC:DISCO! at the Boiler Room stage at Sugar Mountain on January 21st. for tickets and detail and every Friday on PBS Radio 8-10PM for her show 'Smoke & Mirrors'.

Listen to her Meredith set here

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