Interview: Jarrow

Interview: Jarrow

Words with Friends: Jarrow

Words with Friends: Jarrow

Ahead of his co-headline tour with ‘Good Boy’ and slot at Splendour in the Grass, Figaro chats with Jarrow about old times, new times and what’s to come. Also to the surprise of Jarrow we arranged for one of his mates to have control of the interview.

Recently you've started to tour with Good Boy, what's your relationship like and how did that come about?

I met good boy when we played at the grace darling last year for their Plum EP tour and that was on the 7th of October. We both got along really quickly and we both enjoyed each other's sets and we thought wouldn't it be cool to put out a song together in the future and then we did.

How did you feel when you found out you were on the Splendour lineup?

We found out pretty early on because our new booker Andy who works at village sounds, they do all the lineups for Splendour and falls I think, so it was always a possibility but we weren't sure if it was actually going to happen and then we found out we were on the lineup. And yeah I basically just felt like "okay bye" because this is nuts!

So you've recently released Cody, but I'm pretty sure I've heard you play that live for a long time now. Why did you decide to only just release it now?

Yeah, it's an old live staple, which we play pretty much at every show. It's also one of the songs that I put up Soundcloud like three years ago, as an old demo.

Yeah, I thought I remembered it from somewhere!

Yeah! So when we found out we were doing the split single I thought that would be a pretty good song to put up just by itself because it's a pretty old family favourite, it just made sense to put it out.

Totally. Also I remember a long time ago before the days of Jarrow when you were on Soundcloud under a different name. I remember listening to a few demos which eventually became Jarrow songs, like What have you done to yourself? - do you often revisit old material and revamp it?

Yeah, what a throwback. it was called Trichechus. And yeah I like to always revise old tracks and kind of make them good again. A lot of the stuff I've been working on for the next album is stuff from my Trash Dan Bandcamp. I've taken a couple of old songs from that and rewritten them and turned them into actual Jarrow songs, which is pretty exciting.

'Dan then assured us "that's some insider goss, I haven't even told the other interview people about that." Cheers Dan.'

So you've got some new music in the works then?

Yeah, I'm in the middle of mixing the album at the moment. It's not going to be ready for a little bit, but it's on the way. 

'We then just spoke about how I hadn't seen him in ages for a bit'

It sounds like you've been super busy with Jarrow at the moment.

Yeah, I've been just really busy with uni and music stuff, not just Jarrow but all my other sidebands as well. 

How do you divvy up all your energy between Jarrow, the other bands you play in and the rest of your life outside of music?

I'm actually not even sure how I do it because I don't really have the time to be in any of these bands but I just really enjoy playing shows and doing lots of other music stuff. Which is good but I'm still trying to make time for other people as well, but the also that's really tricky because I always doing band stuff, so sometimes it can be a double-edged sword. It's been heckers, but I'm making it work for the time being. 

Catch Jarrow in the 'Gong on the 27th or at Splendour in the Grass later this year.

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