Conquering the Vinyl Frontier

Conquering the Vinyl Frontier

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The Vinyl Frontier. In a world where every man and his dog has seemingly tried their hand behind the decks, the ability to play wax on the turntables well has never more distinguished the dedicated grafters from the casual dabblers. In a world where auto-sync beat matching CDJ’s are becoming the standard, conquering ‘The Vinyl Frontier’ has never been a more esteemed string to the bow of a selector worth their salt.

An aptly named local Melbournian group of dance music cultural conservationists, ‘The Vinyl Frontier’, is preserving the noble practices of crate digging for vinyl sets at Melbourne’s Belleville weekly on Thursday nights. Belleville, traditionally famed for its fried chicken (we have on good authority the Philly cheese steaks are suitably delicious) is garnering a reputation for hosting The Vinyl Frontier collective of Colette & GSM, who bring with them a three-pronged attack: a fortnightly rotation of art, a strictly vinyl laid-back atmosphere, and a weekly guest selector. 

The Vinyl Frontier is less of a big ticket bouncing rave and more of a coming together of friends in a carefully curated environment of casual bravado, good food, company and, ultimately, a varied selection ranging from old school hip-hop, to house, disco and funk - good bloody tunes spun on wax. Central to Vinyl Frontier nights is the attentive effort spent on creating a creative space for like-minded individuals to chill out, grab a beer and have a boogie. In a world where the electronic music scene is by and large taking itself too seriously, carefree, good old-fashioned events where the tunes and patrons are put first are hard to come by. And on a Thursday? A tip of the hat is in order.

When someone is playing vinyl, the energy comes up - the room rises.
— Colette

Favourite places to go digging for records in Melbourne?

Hub 301, Northside Records, The Searchers, Plug Seven, Skydiver and Bounce Audio.

What was the last vinyl you bought?

30/70,  'Elevate'

Which vinyl do you cherish the most?

Unlimited Touch - Unlimited Touch

Maxwell "Ascension" 12". My ultimate smooth jam.

Do you have any plans to produce your own tracks?

I kind of already do in the precise meaning of the word... I like putting people together that can help each other grow, learn and develop.

Dream b2b partner in the booth?

Grandmaster Flash... that would be epic!

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