Interview: Henry Saiz

Interview: Henry Saiz

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You’ve been coming to Australia for close to 10 years, how has Melbourne changed since your first tour ‘down under’?

Melbourne, in my opinion, has always been a strong support for music and arts in Australia.  People there have this appreciation for the unfamiliar which helped a lot of clubs and music events to make their way. The city seems to have a rather clear focus on moving forward with all things new and accepting the change, and you can see that the scene just gets better every year. And the fact that the government is so supportive of the arts industry, I think that helps incredibly the creative types. 

Hows the transition been from moving to playing with a band?

I can’t really say there has been such thing as ‘transition’ at all. My whole journey in music started actually with playing in a live band, so I’m used to it and I’m totally comfortable with this format. As a matter of fact, my current band members were also a part of that band back then, so it’s like we’ve been doing this together since forever.

You’re constantly experimenting in your creative process be it by LSD therapy or crowd sourcing samples for your productions - how important is mentally challenging yourself to your creative process?

Utterly important. Breaking new grounds is often a real struggle for all the creative people, because, you know, the art they’ve been creating for some time now has become a comfortable home where you and everyone else know what to expect. And all that would be great if only artists didn’t tend to evolve, as any living being does. That’s where a lot of doubts and hesitations creep in making you question everything and yourself in particular. You have to have a lot of courage to step out and try something new. But if you want to stay enthusiastic, authentic and true to your work and, most importantly, yourself, this is an important step to take to keep your artistic self alive.

As a local, we see the Melbourne scene as flourishing right now, how do you think it compares to your home scene in Madrid and around the globe?

Depends from which angle to look at it, as there could be as many pros as cons on this matter. But generally speaking I think we´re at a relatively good place right now. Of course, there will be some downsides here and there, but such is life, it can´t be fireworks all the time hehe.

Do you have any upcoming releases on Natura Sonoris you’re particularly excited about?

That would be all of them haha. We have a lot of incredible music coming out in the next few months, and each release has something special about it so it would be quite hard and unfair to leave some of them out. It’s always exciting to show people some new, not-so-known artists though, so keep an eye on the label, because those are coming too!

As an artist in constant flux, what new aspects of your performance will you be bringing to Australia in 2018?

Well, as you maybe know, my band and I are finishing our audiovisual project, and for that occasion we’re also preparing an entirely new live show for the album release tour. We’re actually very thrilled about that because this will be the first time we will play the album tracks live. And I’m pretty sure we’ll also bring this show to Australia at some point this year. Australia apparently loves the band feel, too :)

Being a diverse producer of both electronic disciplines and TV music scores, how do you fuel yourself intellectually for inspiration?

Being passionate about what you’re doing most of the time is quite enough to keep you moving. That’s what keeps me moving too. Also, the satisfaction of accomplishment. Other than that, I can find inspiration in pretty much everything: in finding stories, in observing and collaborating. In making mistakes, stepping back and displacing myself. In nature, literature, architecture, visual arts, and music, of course. In my band mates and other artists. In abstract and concrete. Artistic inspiration can strike at any moment and from many different sources, really, you´ve just got to pay attention.

Circoloco is arguably one of the biggest Ibiza party brands - how well do you think the spirit and essence of the brand tours?

We will see about that this Thursday, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be nothing short of amazing because the line-up already kind of proves that. I had a pleasure to play the Circoloco event in Ibiza this summer, my first one, and I loved everything about it. When you create a brand that is bigger than artists that play there, you´ve got to keep that everywhere you go with it, because that´s what makes you special, that´s what you´re loved and valued for.

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