Music Migration: Gledd

Music Migration: Gledd

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Music Migration is your sonic passport to sounds of our planet Earth. A mix series featuring selectors from all corners of the globe and the tracks their bumping on their sound systems.

Vol. 1. Gledd.

Gledd (Edoardo Barbi) is an Italian DJ and producer. With three EP releases to his name Gledd is forging a reputation as a busy producer. His ‘Keep On’ release on Rose Records topped RA’s August 2018 charts and his latest ‘Twistin’ (Nomada Records) is an upbeat hand raiser, an essential for the bag this Summer.

To start with could you tell us a bit about yourself and where you’ve grown up?

I grown up in Pordenone, North East Italy but since 2012 I lived in UK, Spain and Italy where I plaied in different clubs.

What artists and musicians inspire you?

My tracks are usually the result of a deep research on jazz, sould and funk artists of the past. When I find an almost unknown tracks that hit my soul, I sample it and then it borns a new track. There are artists I appreciate at the moment, as Tilman, Tech Support, Felipe Gordon, Marcel Lune  and Chevals among the others.

How would you describe your style?

I do not really like to identify myself in a specific style but a mix of influences and cultures. And I really hope you can percieve it on my tracks and sets.

You’ve recently linked up with Nomada records for your latest EP can you shed some light on how that came about?

I was in contact with Nomada records from some time, a label I was following and that really hit me up. I think it’s one of the emergenti label we all should keep an eye on. I produced few tracks they liked and everything came out spontaneously.  The EP includes also 2 remixes: one made up by Nico Saav and the other by Sound Therapy. This last is a project by three friends from Milan. One of them is Nicolas Meyer alias Verner alias N.O.T.E. who I think is an artist and musician to follow. 

You mentioned previously that you’re moving to Mexico, how has this move come about?

I need to find new inspirations and I’m attacted my the musical scene emerging in Latin America. I thought I can start my tour from Mexico. And, well, they’ve got pretty good beaches as well.  So, one day, I just woke up and thought vamos a la plaga guys.

Do you feel Mexico will be different to Italy culturally and musically?

Of course it is and I’m really excited to discover what it has to offer. I do not think there’s something attractive in Italy right now. And sincerly speaking I do not really appreciate the musical industry of my country at the moment.

Plans to tour elsewhere? … Australia perhaps?

I would love to… I keep all my chances open and it would be great to come over Australia. Let’s see where the wind will blow me in the next future.

Best place to go digging in Italy?

L’archivio (Bologna), and Backflip Vinyl Record Shop (Milan) are two places I strongly recommend. I also use to go to vintage markets.

Best Clubs to visit or nights to attend in Italy?

If we’re talking about events, I suggest Aperitivo al Verde. a venue close to Venice. If you’re interested on clubs, I would suggest Ex Forno Mambo (Bologna), Autentica (Florence), Tropical Animals (Florence), and events organised by Phenomena and OFC (Milan).

Who are some other Italian artists coming up that we should keep an eye out for?

I think you should keep an eye on Dj Rou, Verner, Black Loops, Nu Guinea and Federico. And talking about the veterans, I would certainly not miss everything coming out from Ltj Xperience, Daniele Baldelli and Dj Rocca.

Tell us about your mix and some of the tracks you’ve featured?

I think it represents at the best my soul as I frequently move from Jazz and Afro to Disco and House, closing the mix with some old school breakbeat house. 

Keep an eye out for Gledd’s latest release on Salin records, dropping on the 26th of October.

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