Music Migration: Alex Rigby

Music Migration: Alex Rigby

Alex Rigby

Alex is an Englishman residing in the Netherlands, after being entranced with his Red Light Radio session we hit up Alex for a Music Migration set. Alex got back to us with a post-apocalyptic colossal set of slow, dark, brooding electronic sections from Holland via England.

To start with could you tell us a bit about yourself and where you’ve grown up?

I was born in London, but lived a lot of my youth in the North of England just outside of Newcastle. I moved to Amsterdam four years ago for a 6 week internship, and for some reason I’m still here. I work as a writer from day-to-day – both for brands and agencies.

What artists and musicians inspire you?

I’m really inspired by the current scene in Amsterdam + Rotterdam, particularly people pushing punkier electronics like: Identified Patient & Sophie Du Palais, Gamma Intel, 543ff, Parrish Smith, Pasiphae and Interstellar Funk. The Dutch scene is incredibly strong in this respect; I love stuff right now coming out on the Rotterdam label Pinkman, as well as Amsterdam’s Knekelhuis, Artificial Dance and a trancier label named Mirror Zone. Also really inspired by Operator Radio guys in Rotterdam who are also doing a lot of good stuff for the scene.

How would you describe your style?

It sounds cliche but I’m honestly not that bothered about genres or playing in a particular style. I like stuff with tension and maybe lean more towards sounds with a melancholic or spookier feel. I think tracks have to have some kind of weird quality to make them stand out, they can’t feel overly-polished and there’s maybe even got to be some kind of awkwardness in them, too.

You write for a magazine, Calypso. Can you tell us a bit about that?

I’ve done music writing for a while, but through a friend I met a girl from Lithuania named Ilona who told me she was starting a magazine that would focus on the same scene we were both so into. She asked whether I’d be interested in organising the Amsterdam part of that, and I said yes. It’s a really cool magazine with some very passionate people and it’s focussing on less-straightforward sounding dance music – a lot of it is a bit darker and we felt like that area wasn’t being given the spotlight it deserved.

Favourite local places to dig?

I live round the corner from Bordello A Parigi in Amsterdam’s Red Light District and I’ll pop in there quite often. That’s definitely my favourite place to find stuff. Loads of cool EBM, wave and electro selections.

Favourite venues and nights?

Garage Noord in Amsterdam – it’s a small venue with a grungy DIY feel that’s consistently book amazing stuff.

Could you tell us about the mix and some of the tracks featured in it?

I went for a slow, heavy, trancey thing with a bunch of guitars. There’s one powerful tune from Parrish Smith on Dekmantel that I enjoy a lot, a weird synth track on Detriti Records called Molchat - Na Dne. An unreleased Gamma Intel track to watch out for, too, as well as a track by a German band I love at the moment named Die Wilde Jagd – definitely check them out.

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