Hopkins Creek: Preview

Hopkins Creek: Preview

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Less than a week out from 2018’s edition of Hopkins Creek and the stars are starting to align above the crater. (At the time of typing) the weekends forecast is expected to be a warm, partly cloudy - 3 days of mischief and cookery in picturesque funzone of Tatyoon. It feels fitting that with only a handful of days until the festival officially kicks off, Figaro takes time from his 4-day a week unpaid internship to give you a low down on the acts he’ll be parked front left for.

Adriana (Saturday 11-12AM & 1-1:30AM)

Kicking things off for our tips of this weeks festival is the latest artist to feature on our Full Bars series - PBS’ ‘Opalakia’ host, Adriana. As a selector Adriana’s style takes notes from all for corners of the globe. Her eclectic collection of ‘world music’ is not only exciting, but a unique attribute that only a handful of DJ’s across Melbourne can truly boast.

Playing first thing on your Saturday arvo, we envision Adriana’s set to be the perfect performance to recover from last night, enjoy a nice breakfast and get back into the swing of things by enjoying tasting notes from all six continents.

Adi Toohey (Saturday 2:30PM - 4PM)

Perhaps one of Australia’s most in demand DJ’s at the moment, Adi Toohey has had a big last few months. Aside from regular appearances as host of Sydney’s Rimbombo parties as well as the FBi radio slot, ‘Saturday Sunset’, Toohey has spent time warming up the decks and audiences for the likes of Gerd Janson, Bradley Zero and a host of other touring internationals and locals.

Making her mark on the scene, Toohey recently performed one of the sets of the festival at this years Strawberry fields, further strengthening her claim as one of the country’s finest DJ’s and an artist not to be missed at Hopkins Creek.

Josh Keys (Friday 11:30PM - 1AM)

One of the minds behind Hopkins Creek, Josh Keys is a DJ who has been cutting his teeth in Melbourne for a while now. Part of the Spin Club crew, a group which post-Mercat has begun to establish itself amongst the top brass of the Melbourne dance circuit. Josh Key’s sets have left crowds dancing across the city to a range of diverse heavy hitters that don’t particularly sick to any genre or tempo.

If his stand out set from last years festival is anything to go by, Josh Keys will be the perfect act to truly kick the party off on the Friday before the likes of Norachi, Fantastic man and Ess o Ess.

Fantastic Man (Friday 2AM - 4AM)

It’s the first night of the weekend and you’ve been generously treated so far. As Norachi concludes his live set, you quickly realise the night has barely begun, as none other than Fantastic Man makes his way on stage. One of the more respected and recognised DJ’s hailing from Melbourne, and part of the brains behind Superconscious Records, Fantastic Man is one not to miss at Hopkins. Fresh from an extensive run of European shows, he should have no issues getting straight back into business down at the crater. A diverse selection style with the capabilities spanning several genres, we can’t wait to see what he’s added to his arsenal after yet another year filled with overseas shows.

Fantastic Man; part man, part fantastic.

Samo DJ Saturday (Saturday 1AM - 3AM)

One of the internationals joining us at Hopkins Creek this year is Stockholm’s Samo DJ, owner of the the label ‘Born Free’, Samo has released a number of distinctive productions solo as well as in collaboration with artists such as Baba Stiltz and Tzusing.

Expect to hear a mixture of old and new from Samo at Hopkins Creek, a master at merging genres and music from different eras, his set should be one to remembered for the festivals quickly growing highlights reel.

For those who would really like to get in the mood for this weekends festival we highly recommend you listen to Samo’s 2016 Dekmantel set (a personal favourite for us over here at FIG HQ). Oooooooft, I'm getting giddy, see you at the Crater. 

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