Music Migration: Joint4Nine

Music Migration: Joint4Nine

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Music Migration is your sonic passport to sounds of our planet Earth. A mix series featuring selectors from all corners of the globe and the tracks their bumping on their sound systems.


Joint4Nine is Ivan Lozano is a colombian producer, sound engineer and DJ. One half of Discoholycs, Ivan is the co-founder of Colombian record label Nómada Records which has released music from acts such as Gledd and Ugly Frankie .

To start with you could you tell us a bit about yourself and where you’ve grown up?

Well, my Name is Ivan Lozano and I’m from Ibagué (Colombia). Currently I’m based in Bogotá (Colombia) which is the city that saw me grow up as a sound engineer, DJ and producer. Currently we’re running our own record label Nómada Records; trying to provide the kind of deeply rooted house music influenced by other iconic genres like Disco, Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop.

What Artists and musicians inspire you?

Well at this moment there are too many names rounding around in my head. My music taste has been heavy influenced by genres such us Disco, Jazz, House, Funk and Hip Hop so I must say that artists such as Herbie Hancock, Fela Kuti, Kiki Gyan, Jimi tenor, Sylvester, Curtis Mayfield, Prince, Roy Ayers, War, Donny Hathaway, A Tribe Called Quest, Boogie Down Productions, J Dilla, LCD Soundsystem, Rage Against The Machine, Tyrone Brunson, George Clinton, Funkadelic, Theo Parrish, Idris Ackamoor, Moodyman, Omar S, Dego, Hanna, Kaidi Tatham, Max Graef, Glenn Astro, Kamaal Williams, Frits Wentink, and Kai Alce to name a few have inspired my spare and studio time.

How would you describe your style?

Old School.

Have you got any plans to tour to other countries? Australia Perhaps?

At the moment I’m waiting to put out some forthcoming releases as Joint4Nine and It might be possible to set up a tour in Mexico in 2019. About Australia there’s no plans right now, but I wish someday! I must keep working on my music.

Best Place to go digging in Colombia?

I think Zapateria Cosmos would be the place for digging in Bogotá (Colombia).

Best clubs to visit or night to attend if you’re in Bogotá or elsewhere in Colombia?

Clubs, Bars and venues in Bogota I would recommend Video Club, Espacio KB and El Coq and if you are looking for cool parties I would recommend the parties that a hip-hop label called “INDIO” are throwing up.

In Medellín I would recommend definitely Calle 9+1; for me is the best club and venue in Colombia. The vibe, the people, the bookings and the music are just priceless. (Off course Medellín’s women will take your breath away)

Who are some other Colombian artists that we should look out for?

Well I would say that my friends and label mates Felipe Gordon and Jonahlo are doing great. Felipe has released tons of music on labels such as Toy Tonics, Sampling as An Art and Quintessentials to name a few. By another hand Jonhalo a few months ago released his first vinyl release with Nómada Records and it’s fucking dope! Other local artists and labels that I admire are: Lunate, N. Hardem, Las Hermanas, Discos Nutabe and INDIO.

Tell us about your mix and some of the tracks you’ve featured.

Well I put together some of my favourite artists and tracks at the moment (Kai Alce, Omar S, FYI Chris, Medlar, Mike Dunn, OB Ignnit, Patrice Scott etc.) so you will find an old-school house vibe all over the mix. But also, you will find a forthcoming remix that I did for Last Nubian; a newcomer London producer who will be releasing a Split Ep with Nómada Records very soon.


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