Music Migration: Jonahlo

Music Migration: Jonahlo

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The second Colombian DJ to join our mix series is Jonahlo, another key member of the Colombian Record Label Nómada Records. He takes you on a trip through some of his old school favourites, while also showcasing some of the sounds that influence him today.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and where you’ve grown up?

As a kid I grew up in a middle class, messy neighbourhood where all my friends were aggressive on rollerblades. We used to hang out all the time in the Central Park of this zone, skating and sharing rollerblading videos. That’s the main reason why I started loving music. Every time we got in our hands a new rollerblading video we started searching for the soundtracks, at that time wasn't easy to find records, so we had to wait until a friend travelled to the U.S and brought us what we like.

At that Age (11 or 12) I was really into punk, so I started my own band where I played bass. As I got older my love for music was growing, so I decided to study music. Since then I’ve been playing in different bands and making different types of bands in my city.

At one point I got tired of playing in bands and that were going nowhere so decided to learn more about electronic music and start my own project.

Since then nothing has really changed because I still rollerblade and make music every day.

What artists and musicians inspire you?

One of the bands that made me understand more about different styles and black music as a kid was The Clash. They taught me everything from funk, disco, dance, reggae, hip-hop, to rock and roll. They really opened my mind!

I'm a music lover so I got inspired by a lot of different artists but when it comes to electronic music I’m very influenced by old school house producers like Rick Wilhite, Kerri Chandler, Moodymann and Theo Parrish.

How would you describe your style?

For me it is very hard to describe what I’m doing cause I'm trying to discover myself as a producer, I like to make music that makes people wanna dance, but at the same time what I often do is just let myself play with the equipment that I have and have fun without any rules. Eventually as time goes by, I’ve been getting a particular sound playing with old funky soulful records, some synths and drum machines.

When it comes to play records at a party, I like to keep it very eclectic.

Have you got any plans to tour to other countries? …Australia perhaps?

Recently I was touring Mexico and it was amazing, for next year I want to go and tour Brazil. 

I would love to go to Australia, let's see if there’s any chances to make it real.

Best place to go digging in Colombia?

Recently I found a record store in downtown Bogotá called Interdiscos, there you can find really underground Colombian music.

Best Clubs to visit or nights to attend if you’re in Bogota or elsewhere in Colombia?

In Bogotá if you want to go clubbing, I would recommend Video club, they often have international DJs playing there, but my favourite club is in Medellin and it's called Calle 9+1, the people there really know how to get down.

Who are some other Colombian artists that we should look out for?

I would recommend all my label mates from Nómada Records Joint 49, Felipe Gordon, Discoholycs and Nico Saav. They all have something different to propose.

Tell us about your mix and some of the tracks you’ve featured…

Some of the tracks featured are from Roy Davis Jr, Hans, Øyvind Morken, Red Rack'em, Etc.

In this mix I try to take you on a journey through all the music that I like from the old school to more new school artist, I love to improvise in my sets and let the magic happen as it naturally comes.

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