Interview: Jaala

Interview: Jaala


Melbourne band, Jaala are erratic and spirited, mimicking life’s reality: complex and forever changing. We speak to songwriter, singer and guitarist, Cosima, about Jaala’s new record, ‘Joonya Spirit.’ 

Firstly, congratulations on the new record! Joonya Spirit definitely feels special upon first listen. It’s an incredibly intricate album. Do you and the band find that you’re striving for any particular sound, or is your music what comes out naturally?

Thank you! Well, we recorded it in 2016, so that’s just what the band sounded like then. So, I guess it was pretty organic.

You recorded your previous album Hard Hold in only 5 days – did you have extra time to record Joonya Spirit and how do you find that the time constraints affected the outcome of the record?

I think this time we did it in a week. Time is annoying but okay *laughs*. You can still do things in a short amount time. We had a little bit more time so it was good.

How do you feel Joonya Spirit compares to Hard Hold?

I feel like it’s a little bit more of a too similar extension of the first album, but its a bit less demo-y and a bit more produced, I guess. We had Dan Luscombe produce the record and he was really great.

Joonya Spirit feels like a very honest album. Do you find there are challenges with being open and sincere in writing music?

Yeah… *laughs*. I think it’s harder to be honest, but then also I think it’s good, because I think people can relate to it a bit easier.

Is there a song on the album that you and the band feel the most strongly about? 

I can only speak for myself but my favourite track on the album is ‘Sames’ because I feel like it has a special feeling that maybe the others don’t have. Maybe something a bit more timeless.

I’m interested to hear how Jaala came about. I’ve read before that you started playing guitar your early 20’s. What was the drive behind getting into writing music and starting Jaala?

I wanted to be a visual artist and then I went to enough exhibitions to realise they were really boring *laughs*. So I decided I won’t do that anymore. Going to a gig is one of my favourite things to do. I just think music is universal and just kicks a lot of ass and people vibe with it, so it’s enough incentive.


I hear you grew up in Queensland. Was there much of a music scene where you were living and did it influence you at all?

There was enough of a music scene to make me realise I didn’t want to be a part of that music scene. I don’t know - I can’t really remember that time.

How do you reckon the Melbourne music scene would compare?
I feel like the Melbourne music scene is one of the best in the world and I don’t know if that’s just because I haven’t seen much else of the world but I stand by that statement *laughs*.

What’s next for Jaala this year?
Hopefully, we’re recording with the new-ish line up with Maria Moles still on drums and Carolyn Schofield on synth. We’re gonna hope to record in June - July, if all goes to plan, and then do some touring, keep writing and trying to stay focused because the world’s gone mad. 

Yep, sure has! Thanks so much for having a chat Cosima!

No worries!

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