Interview: Kurt Paradise (La Sape Records)

Interview: Kurt Paradise (La Sape Records)


Kurt Paradise is the head behind La Sape records, the label which has put out some of our favourite Australian music with releases from Godriguez's 'Godtet' and most recently 30/70's bassists' project, Horatio Luna's 'Cultural Warriors' EP. Hot stuff. In a palaver regarding a postal mishap we shot a few Q's Kurt's way about the label and some tunes that have been percolating around his noggin recently.

How'd the La Sape record label come about?

I'd been doing a lot of touring for the past couple of years and was becoming a little tired with the nature of it. I always wanted to deal in the physical music world with a label and had done so to a small degree with Strange Yonder. However I didn't want to use that banner to put the music under as there's a bit of a stigma there from earlier tours/ attachments to bands, so needed to start fresh.

Why did you start the label? To fill a gap in the industry to release a particular style of music?

I wanted to put out good music, which was maybe a little unrepresented in Australia. Certainly no particular style, soul music would be the broad term. Jazz is thrown around in the sense of it being improvised/instrumental music thus far.

Any releases from Godtet or Horatio in the pipeline?

They are both cooking up lots of new music. Probably not this year, but there will be a few things. 

Have you got any releases from new artists you can let us know about?

We're in the process of signing a new Brisbane outfit which is exciting, you will know more very soon!

What are some songs you've been enjoying recently?

Love Has Come Again - Wynd Chymes. An amazing boogie group, production is nuts. 

Core'ngrato - Giuseppe di Stefano. An amazing tenor, maybe the best.. His voice gets me every time. Also Uncle June belts this at a funeral in the Sopranos, which definitely didn't make me cry! 

ulia - Super Mama Djombo.  Picked this record up on a recommend at Plug 7. West African Highlife with a lot of soul. 

My Angel (Malaika) - Harry Belefonte & Miriam Makeba. I heard this at the end of Atlanta and now will probably get married to it, a beautiful version. 

Out My Mind, Just In Time - Erykah Badu. The Queen, amazing beats, changes, lyrics & melodies.

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