A look into B3 with Daniel Teuma

A look into B3 with Daniel Teuma


With punter speculation rife ahead of the B3 experiment we got in touch with Novel director Daniel Teuma seeking answers to the burning questions raised in regard to the event, namely, how the team plans to combat the acoustic challenges of the Etihad Stadium carpark.

B3 is a very exciting project, can you shed some light on the idea behind
smalltown, what inspired the event and what things you want to achieve with this
event and future events?

Thank you! The initial idea for smalltown came from our desire to host our favourite acts in potentially new and interesting venues. Melbourne is filled with exciting locations, so for each event we make a point of trying to think outside of the box. For us it is all about delivering an experience punters will never forget.

There are many upcoming events in the pipeline, but the two most notable ones would be the Living Room Festival in October with Octave One and Enzo Siragusa at The Paddock in Federation Square, and smalltown with Stephan Bodzin , Marcel Dettmann, Dense + Pika and Made In Paris in December at a venue TBA.

Hosting an event in Etihad Stadium’s carpark is an unprecedented move
for the city, can you give us an idea of what we can expect from B3?

It has taken much work to secure the venue so we cannot wait to see it in action finally. We were looking to find an inner-city space that can hold over 5000 punters, a requirement which B3 fit perfectly. It will be the first time the venue hosts an event like this which is appealing to us: it is a blank canvas with which we can get creative with, a vast space we’ll transform into something that feels intimate and personal.

Obviously dealing with such a unique location poses a lot of questions, one of
the major ones is how will the acoustics in the venue work? We know Novel are
passionate about top end production, what has been put in place to ensure the
sound quality is consistent with Novel’s reputation?

One of the most vital aspects of a successful event is sound, and we are taking every step possible to make sure it will be on point. The primary issue is the concrete walls and low ceiling and the potential for the sound to echo all over the place. To alleviate that issue we will install sound panels across the venue; these panels will soak up the sound and stop any problems surrounding sound slapping off the walls. Rest assured, we have commissioned the most knowledgeable sound engineers in Australia to advise on the best way forward.

Dj Koze, Gerd Janson and Charlotte De Witte are all well respected producers and
DJs in there own right, when you curated the line up what did you want to achieve
by booking these artists and how do you think they will perform as a trio of co-

To our mind, those acts are currently three of the most respected and sought-after global DJs. To have them together on one lineup will be quite a treat for Australian audiences. Koze’s return is a highly anticipated one for all his local fans as it’s been four years since his last visit. The word from Europe is that his DJ sets are currently blowing away all the competition so he will be arriving in top form. (If you haven’t as yet we highly recommend you listen to his new album ‘Illumination’, it has been a favourite in the Novel office since its release!)

Koze's unofficial Summer anthem - 'Pick Up' off his latest record in question, 'Illumination'.

I think we can all agree that right now Charlotte might be one of the most exciting DJs on the planet. When we hosted her Melbourne debut show last year, she brought the house down. Charlotte brings an energy to her sets that is pretty rare and very infectious. There probably isn’t anyone who can consistently deliver fun, killer sets like Gerd Janson. His Running Back imprint has to be one of the scene’s top 3 most consistent labels right now - and that is all due to Gerd’s impeccable tastemaker credentials. He might also be one of the sweetest humans we’ve ever toured, and that good vibe shines through in his DJ sets. All those acts are professionals; together they will deliver a B3 soundtrack which would go down as one of 2018’s most memorable.

Gerd Janson's 'Birkenstock' Remix of Krystal Klear's Neutron Dance - one of the most popular house releases of the year off Gerd & Lauer's Running Back label.

‘Art installations and interactive activations’ are listed as two features that will be
on display at smalltown, can you shed some light on what’s in store for punters
come September 27?

All we can say is: we will transform the venue in a way that will make you question if you
are even at Etihad Stadium. We are confident that everyone will be pleasantly blown away. ;)

As of right now, Adi Toohey has been announced as the first support act for this
event, how important are our Australian acts to an event like smalltown and does
the event have a plan to continue to showcase the best in both, local and
international talent?

Australian acts are our scene’s lifeblood, so we are always looking to the locals to give our events a solid musical foundation. Adi Toohey is another in a long line of fantastic talent Australia possess. She is a well-known face on the Sydney scene and one of that city’s most respected selectors. On Bicep’s recent tour Adi was the warm-up DJ for their Sydney show, impressing them so much they invited her to guest on their Feel My Bicep podcast. We think she deserves this opportunity to play in front of a large Melbourne audience finally.

Tickets are still available for B3. Lineup endorsed. 'Grand Final Eve' (27th September) w/ DJ Koze, Gerd Janson and Charlotte de Witte.

Tickets: http://www.b3.net.au/

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