Interview: Daydreams

Interview: Daydreams


Going into your seventh season now Daydreams has quickly become a beloved part of Melbourne’s music scene, but it hasn’t always been full houses in an all-access Gaso’. Can you tell us about how Daydreams started and what those initial parties were like?

The first parties were pretty chill, more of a social occasion. They were a wind down from the weekend not a wind up. We still got a dance floor going by the end usually but it was slow going.

6 years is a long time in showbiz, how has the party changed since you first started?

They stay the same age, but we keep getting older.

Daydreams parties have developed a definite ‘mood’. How would you describe the atmosphere at your events?

Diversity, and creating a safe and supportive environment.

You’ve booked some of the biggest names in the country as well as a host of international selectors, what have been some standout sets from the parties and are there any other memorable highlights?

I think the most memorable highlights are from the things you don’t expect:

> Penny bringing Milly flowers while she was playing

> People throwing hundreds of dollars worth of $5s over the balcony

> Welcome to Country with Smoking Ceremony

> Crowd surfing

> Conga lines

> Mop handle limbo

> Jumping the fence


On a personal level you both must have ticked off some goals. From the Sugar Mountain Boiler Room, to touring internationally, A Weekend With and the boat parties. Is there one event that stands out above the rest?

I think one of the most life-affirming moments was playing a park party in Vancouver, watching the sun come up and going straight to the airport to play in Montreal that same day.

Let’s talk the seventh season, what’s in store for the new year and how do you feel this Daydreams is shaping up compared to ones in the past?

We’ve had a couple so far and from what we’ve seen people are just arriving earlier than ever before.

We’ve seen photo’s pop up in our feed of what looks like your own beer? Can you shed some light on how that came about?

Melbournes collaborative event promoting tactics have reached the level of self-parody in recent years. We feel a need to contribute to this and making our own beer was the next logical step.

How’s it taste?

Like a dream

The lineup is something Daydreams always seems to nail, what have you got planned for this year and can we expect any visitors from overseas?

You can definitely expect a few special visitors, both locally and internationally, but you’ll have to come to find out who they are!

We had the pleasure to host Maxwell.S of Daydreams at our 2nd birthday late last year, you can listen to that set here.

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