Interview: Apparel Wax

Interview: Apparel Wax


Apparel Wax’ is a auxiliary project under the umbrella of the label ‘Apparel Music’. Conceptually, it is comprised from a number ghost producers from across the globe who produce under the Apparel Wax moniker. The goal is a simple one. Music is made the focal point rather than individual artists, groups or labels. On the back of premiering Inkswell’s ‘The Sound’ we were able to grab some time with the mind behind the project to discuss the concept and it’s direction heading deeper into 2019.

Apparel Wax is set to release their first LP next month, but before we get to that can you shed some light on how the Apparel Wax project began?

The concept behind Apparel Wax is to produce and release music without distinctions and without subjections. The quality of the material is the only protagonist as we don’t want the listener to be misguided or influenced by the name of the artist. 

The idea that Apparel Wax is all about focusing on the music, rather than names and image is an idea we love at Finding Figaro. Was there any one moment that inspired this way of producing and promoting music? 

Apparel Wax started a couple of years ago because after 8 years and more than a thousand tracks released on our catalogue, we needed to renew the brand. Lately I’ve been seeing the market saturating with a huge number of releases weekly making it quite a challenge to seek valuable stuff, so I decided to try to stand out again with an idea: the inspiration is disco music, with revisited principles to keep up with the present musical waves. 

Apparel Wax’s production stem through a number of genres, how would you describe the the overarching sound? 

As I just said we don’t like distinctions too much. We relate to United House Nation as a concept and amongst our main influences I could quote disco, nu-disco, deep house, funk but you’ll find numerous different interpretations in the LP (lo-fi, jazzy for instance). Jazzy is the concept I started from with Apparel Music and by it I mean the attitude of virtuosity of jazz combined with electronic music. 

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Let’s talk the debut LP. How long has it been in the works and how highly do you rate it amongst the other releases under Apparel music’s umbrella?

It took us more than a year to get all the material together, a long work of scouting and selection which is always our starting point. The concept of the LP is also essential and it is the “love”: for music and for our job but also for our followers. For the first 200 copies sold we’ll give away a condom, just a vehicle to symbolise love and respect but also the importance to defend ourselves from bad influences. 

Working with a number of ghost producers must come with a number of challenges, how do you go about selecting the right producer for the project? 

There have been a natural selection. First of all we found the ones who were available and willing to participate, and that’s quite a difficult task, knowing how is important for everyone get recognition nowadays. Being part of this collective means putting music before yourself. Then little by little we filtered the artists and requests until we managed to create a true collective of people that currently count a dozen of amazing artists, and I thank em, cause they showed their capability of going beyond the day-to-day dynamics we face today. 

We’ve noticed in Australia recently a number of touring international producers have started to play Apparel Wax’s music in their sets. How does it feel to have top quality DJ’s not only love your music, but incorporate them into their sets? 

We’re humbled our message is going through. This also means higher expectations but we’ll do our best to keep em high. We’re happy that more famous DJ’s are tributing us playing our records but the most important thing is bringing happiness to the people and the community, through music which is our weapon! 

In terms of performing live, how will Apparel Wax shape up going from city to city?

Having artists based all over the world it’s a great resource for us but for party organisers too: promoters will know that the closest guy will come and play under Apparel Wax’s name- The idea is to have at least 2 artists per event. Names won’t be disclosed so only the attendants will know who’s playing. 

Finally what are your plans for Apparel Wax in 2019?

We hope to keep this fresh energy up, discovering the next big things, being in line with the present and trying to anticipate the future. It’s an ambitious path we’re trying to design. There’s news coming: a mysterious newborn brother of Apparel Wax will se the light soon and we’re organising gigs. No hurries though... We want things to go their way without forcing processes too much. Patience brought us here and will always be one of our characteristics.

Any chance of an Apparel Wax showcase in Australia any time soon?

Well, there is indeed an Aussie in the collective so we really hope to come down under to unveil his identity!!

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