Navigating Melbourne Music Week - Figaro's Picks

Navigating Melbourne Music Week - Figaro's Picks


Figaro’s picks from this years edition of Melbourne Music Week.

Venue: Kubik, Alexandra Gardens
Time: Friday, 15th November 8pm - 2pm
Price: $35 - $38

CC:DISCO! returns to our shores after what feels like an eternity for the first night of MMW as her epochal Club Coco opens the Kubik festivities in Alexandra Gardens. In tow is Parisian pal Raphaël Top Secret to help push the dancefloor to the outskirts of the weird and wonderful world of feel-good afro and italo house. Buckle up for this one.

Venue: Colours
Time: Friday, 15th November 9pm - 5am
Price: $15 - $30

 Yet another one for showcasing the plethora of cross-disciplinary talent that this city has to offer. Presented by local design studio money4.lasers, a team of curated visual and installation artists will provide a dynamic sensory adventure that explores the relationship between humans and machines. On sounds is Lou Karsh, fresh off some exotic European exploits for this hometown hootenanny with his more slippery and acidic project, Reptant alongside a long list of talented local mates.

Summer Night Market ft. WAT Artists (Loure, Sunnyside, Toni Yotzi, Pjenne + more)

Venue: Queen Victoria Market
Time: Wednesday 20th November, 5pm - 10pm
Price: FREE

A rambunctious combination of two iconic Melbourne stalwarts come together for a night of beautiful counter-balances that make for the ultimate Tinder date. The romantic 140 year old history of the market is offset by the disgustingly sweaty Sunnyside. The craft beer and organic strawberries are not to be out done by the ever industrious Toni Yotzi. While the expensive taste of Loure is levelled out by the fact that this all costs the same as a game of life sized chess out the front of the state library. A bit of cheesy Victoria euphoria.

Music In Exile: Kang JJ, Karate Boogaloo & Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange


Venue: John Curtin Hotel
Time: Thursday, 21st November, 8:30pm - 11:30pm
Price: $20 - $30

Music In Exile is the showcase for a local initiative providing funding and access to resources for refugee and migrant musicians in Melbourne. Featuring wonky soul and funk via Hopestreet Recording’s 2019 heroine Karate Boogaloo and the deep jazz house eroticism that is the ZFEX. Get down to the sounds of the world to make it a better place.


Venue: Alexandra Gardens
Time: Friday, 22nd November, 7:30pm - 2am 
Price: $39 - $54

If you’re not off down the crater for Hopkins Creek, this is your FOMO saviour. This double dose of UK enigma Matt Edwards will be a pillar to post type of affair. Edwards is enthusiastically outspoken about his undying love of d-floors forming the foundations of his work and he possesses a unique ability to turn any song, sound or situation into a big ol’ pile of cut rugs. His DJ alias Radio Slave will headline the night but SRVD will also make its Australian debut, a project alongside German producer Patrick Mason whom Edwards struck up a friendship with in Berghain… of course. This will all be accompanied by the techno-funk of motor city veteran Mark Flash.


Venue: Kubik, Alexandra Gardens
Time: Saturday, 23rd November 8pm - 2am
Price: $44 - $57

Japanese heart-throb and Finding Figaro favourite Soichi Terada and his pearly whites, offensively floral shirts and unfuckwithable good vibrations are back in town for an undoubtedly infectious live set. Supported by Italian pair Nu Guinea ahead of their appearance at Strawberry Fields and the broodingly ominous Elle Shimada ‘n’ gang.  

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