Reflecting on 10 Years of WAT

Reflecting on 10 Years of WAT


Ten years in and WAT, Waving at Trains, has become synonymous with Australian dance music culture, boasting an impressive roster of Australian dance music artists. The scale of their roster is immediately made apparent when casting an eye over the string of names set for their celebration of ten years - a jamboree of epic proportions with all funds going to ‘The Song Room’. Rather than attempt to capture the whole picture we sent a set of quick fire questions over to get a snapshot of the journey so far, and what is to come.

First artist represented on WAT

Tornado Wallace and Fantastic Man.

First tour WAT ran?


Some of the most memorable dance floor moments?

Pretty much anytime our acts have played Meredith/Golden Plains. There is something special about seeing various members of the family really take control of the Amphitheatre. The moments on home soil always have a bigger impact on me. Don't get me wrong it's great when our artists play huge festivals in Europe and at historic clubs like Bergain, but seeing them come full circle from punter to performer is truly special. A recent moment would have been last year at Pitch seeing three of our artists Andy Garvey, Toni Yotzi & Merve smash their Boiler Room debuts all on the one night. There has been way too many and will be many more (probably a few at the birthday too).

A moment where it all went wrong?

Falling asleep on Aurora Halal’s couch in her room at Strawberry Fields after being given the wrong room number.

Best projects you worked on?

The Oceans Apart documentary and MMW show I put together with Dan from Cut Copy was a highlight.

Self-releasing Harvey Sutherland and Andras’ House of Dad release.

Recording the Wilson Tanner album on a boat.

Working on Tornado Wallace’s album Lonely Planet.

Biggest changes since 2009?

The evolution of our scene and subsequent acknowledgement from the rest of the world.

What's the look for the next 10 years?

Empowering further diversity on our roster, growing our touring arm and exploring new ways to connect our business and artists with the community.

What would you like to see change in the industry in the next 10 years?

Equality and online trolling.

Top 12 tracks from the last 10 years?

Andras & Oscar - Every time I go

Cut Copy - Need you Now

Fantastic Man - Trance Sexual

Nite Fliet - Close To Earth

Krakatau - Tharis Montes

Lovebirds - In the Shadows

Mildlife - Kwango Zop

NO ZU - Raw Vision

Sleep D - Central

Sui Zhen - Perfect Place

Tornado Wallace - Voices

Wilson Tanner - A2

Whose year is it in 2020? (artist)

Memphis LK & Loure.

10 Years of WAT is this Friday at Chasers Nightclub. You can still snag a general release ticket at $40, if you have the means, we highly recommend picking one up.

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