Interview: DJ LOGIC 1000

Interview: DJ LOGIC 1000


Originally from Sydney and now based in Melbourne, ‘DJ Logic 1000’, is one of the brightest new faces in Australian dance music. Before her set at tomorrow nights Butter Sessions takeover of Xe54, we have a chat with the up and coming producer/DJ about her debut release, moving cities and an endorsement from none other than Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet.

Originally from Sydney and now based in Melbourne, what prompted the move down and how do the two scenes compare?

A lot of people assume it was music related but it wasn't at all. It was more for a change of scenery and most of our close friends had already made the move down to Melbourne. There's also the obvious thing - cheaper rent. I think as a result of the lower cost of living, people are out and about way more. Since moving here, I've actually felt more of a desire to be out at night, go to shows etc. There's way more of a buzz or something (compared to Sydney).

Despite the situation in Sydney, the talent pool of budding new DJ’s and producers still seems quite strong. Who are some of the new names that we should become familiar with?

Most of the producers who come to mind are based outside of Sydney now and they're not new to music, like Cop Envy, DJ Plead, Poison, Fake, Utility, Jon Watts and Jannah Quill. There's also Hamish Dixon who is still based in Sydney - he's an absolute gun and we'll hopefully hear new music from him soon.

By listening to your music, you quickly notice your work moves through a number of different genres, tempos and ideas. How would you define your style of music and what are your biggest influences?

Haha yeah so many people have said that they can't pinpoint my 'sound'. I guess the common theme is that it's all fairly UK inspired. I think this is because when I was first listening to bass and electronic stuff, it was mostly from the UK. I was really into the first wave dubstep thing and everything that came from that.

You’re set to play this Friday as part of the Butter Sessions night at XE54, how do your DJ sets compare to your productions and what can we expect to hear on the night?

If you were to compare the two I'd say my DJ sets are slightly more moody/darker with a slightly harder edge. There's still an element of fun to both though. I play a lot of UK bass and funky stuff. I seem to be referencing the UK a lot haha, I guess it makes sense that I'm moving there in a week!

You’re moving to the UK? Is this solely musically based or a chance to experience a new culture?

I’d say this move is primarily motivated by music but also just keen to experience a new BIG city

A plug by Four Tet is not your everyday endorsement, what’s the story behind that and has it had much of an effect on the popularity of your self titled album 'Logic 1000’?

That was a huge moment. It's kind of a long and convoluted story but to keep it short I have my friend Gus from Skylab Radio to thank. It's weird how these things pan out and strangely I've had a lot of offers and interest since Four Tet played it at Coachella and posted about it. I've thanked him profusely!

Finally, what can we expect to see and hear from DJ Logic1000 as we head deeper into 2019/2020?

My plan for 2019/2020 is to be touring Europe as much as humanly possible, hopefully being based in London will aid that goal. I'd also like to have a new release by the beginning of next year. Oh and I'm working on a remix and a collaboration with a friend so hopefully they'll come out soon too.

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