Preview: Fluxx

Preview: Fluxx


RBI and Yollks are two of the emerging names in Melbourne’s burgeoning techno scene, as producers and performers, their work both challenges and creates intimate relationships with the audience, offering a fresh approach to the popular genre. Working in collaboration the pair are set to unveil their latest project this Thursday, ‘Fluxx’. A night dedicated to nurturing the next generation of techno artists in Melbourne, programmed in a space that focuses on growth and collaboration rather than full blown performance.

Fluxx places an importance on helping emerging techno artist grow and establish themselves within the scene. Was this something you both found was missing from Melbourne’s current musical landscape?

With Fluxx we wanted to provide a platform for DJs interested in techno to explore their ideas in a low pressure, small capacity venue. Techno is often associated with clubs that have bigger spaces, that open later and have quite a large capacity. It makes it harder to get gigs sometimes unless you’re quite established and well-known in the industry. We just saw a need for more ‘stepping stone’ events in Melbourne, to help artists and DJ’s (us included) get to where they want to be, particularly within the techno scene and thought let’s start one!

Tell us about your opening night, who is performing and what can we expect from the first edition of Fluxx?

Crazy Arms are hosting the launch which is happening on the 16th of May. We’ve got a super strong lineup with Xan playing and Fi In 3D on board as our headline. We’ve planned for an immersive, hard hitting aural experience and are pretty stoked to have such powerhouse DJs join us for our first night.

The creative direction is something we’ve always admired in your solo project (Yollks), will the same artists and designers be working on the image of Fluxx?

Yeah absolutely, I’ve been lucky enough to have Tuan Pham design a range of visual stuff for me previously including my logo and art direction for my press shots. When Ruby and I were thinking about who we’d get to make our logo, we instantly thought of Tuan because he’s super amazing and just gets our vision. I’m really big on creative collabs with mates so we’re hoping to have more of our friends involved in the visual aspects down the track too.

How do you plan to translate these themes from your artwork into the physical nights themselves (e.g. visuals, stage design etc)?

More tba we have some ideas in the works about some interdisciplinary collaborations for future events :)

Given the nights attention to nurturing fresh talent can we expect to see producing and DJ workshops in the future?

That’s something we’ve been discussing for sure. We’ve been busy brainstorming and fleshing out ideas, some of which will transpire into some good content so watch this space.

For techno producers and DJs new to the scene, what is the best way for them to get involved with Fluxx?

Shoot us an email, FB or Insta message! We’d love to hear from anyone interested in playing, doing collabs or even just submitting a mix.

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