Preview: Hybrid

Preview: Hybrid

Melbourne was unprepared when the groups behind LEFAG, Crown Ruler & Bizzaro – announced their joint festival – HYBRID. Created with a modus operandi of disruption, design and innovation, HYBRID is bound to make a mark in the dark and stormy Melbourne winter in the stunning Melbourne Pavillion.

HYBRID are determined to leave an impact, and with the addition of two exclusive shows – featuring Junglepussy and Legowelt, respectively – bookending the main event, this truly will be a weekend to remember. Leading you deep into the sensory abyss, we present to you an essential field guide for your day at the newly announced location – Melbourne Pavillion – this Saturday.

Hannah Lockwood

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Flying down from Sydney for the week, Hannah Lockwood – one half of phile – brings her unique brand of dystopian techno to HYBRID. Oozing with dark, driving synths, industrial drum sequences and hyper rythyms, Lockwood’s live sets have been called everything from “dancefloor” to “headfuck”. Having played alongside DJ Stingray, Dopplereffekt and Xosar, we have no doubt that Lockwood will know what it takes to turn the basement into a sweaty, radiant dance floor.

Fatima Al Qadiri


Flying all the way from Berlin for her only Australian show, the Kuwaiti-born producer Fatima Al Qadiri is stylistically in a league of her own. Boasting a set of critically acclaimed releases on both Hyperdub and Warp Records., her grime-infused beats, syncopated percussion and Arab-inspired sounds culminate into ‘Shaneera’ – a post-modern, conceptual club album that the producer will be performing in full at Hybrid. The sheer character and bold power of Al Qadiri cements her as one not to be missed at the Pavillion.

Aisha Devi


“No one on this planet sounds like Aisha Devi” is an understatement. The Swiss avant-garde artist uses spiritual identity, meditative practices and healing frequencies to drive her productions and incorporates them into a dance music context flawlessly. Employing a range of techniques such as guttural throat singing, fictional languages and corporeal sonics, Aisha Devi and her interdimensional performances brings audiences as close to the astral plane as they’re ever going to get. If her Blade Runner 2049 Boiler Room set is anything to go by, Devi is bound to dislocate all those who listen and explore themes of parallel realms and otherness – which is what Hybrid is all about.

DJ Stingray

Ever since being taken under Drexciya’s wing, DJ Stingray 313 has built a mythos surrounding himself with support from the obscurity and legacy of the underwater legends Drexciya. Having grown up working with Carl Craig, Moodymann and Anthony “Shake” Shakir”, Stingray has garnered a reputation of razor-sharp mixing, unconventional productions and masked king of a dark, dystopian brand of electro. A true gem in the underground world, there is a reason Stingray – along with Al Qadiri – is headlining Hybrid. See you in the basement.

Omar S


His name usually followed by “The Best!”, Omar S has earned global acclaim for his distinctive, groovy, stripped back approach to techno. The Detroit pioneer uses old-school synths and drum machines to create funky, mechanical tunes such as ‘Thank U 4 Letting Me Be Myself’ and ‘The Shit Baby’. Running his own label FXHE Records out of his basement which includes releases from Norm Talley, Kyle Hall and O B Ignitt, there is no doubt Omar S will continue to shape the modern house landscape. His first visit to the country since 2017, there is no one we are looking forward to welcoming back to our shores other than Omar S, the best.


Tickets available through Hybrid’s website.

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