Interview: Ryan Berkeley

Interview: Ryan Berkeley

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With the resurgence of all things analogue, Melbourne producer and DJ Ryan Berkeley has quickly built a name for himself through his floor stomping live sets and fiery ep release on Houses in Motion. His live sets are a throwback to the European underground dance scene with super polished and textural performances that have the whole crowd craving more. 

We grabbed a coffee with Ryan before his upcoming live set at the new Arts & Music event, Tessellate // New Beginnings, hosted at a very secret but iconic new venue.

So you’ve played both years at Hopkins Creek and you performed a bobby dazzler of a set last year. What preparation goes into a live show of that magnitude? 

Bobby dazzler, that’s a good one! Well for that it was more of a frantic race to the finish line. Luckily, I had been previously so was well aware of the vibe down at the stage at the time so tried writing stuff I thought would be appropriate. 

You’ve been a drummer most of your life. Is that something you consider an upper-hand in regard to production? 

It certainly helps a lot when writing rhythmic elements of songs. From a drummer’s point of view, dance music is typically pretty straight forward as it’s mostly in 4/4 and adheres to 16-bar loops. I want to try steering away from this and writing in more obscure time signatures amongst other things. 

Your release on Houses in Motion is a very textural record as far as the use of synthesizers goes. Is there a synth in your arsenal that you simply couldn’t part with? 

The Moog Minitaur. It’s a jack of all trades, great lead sounds and killer bass tones. It will always feature in any music I write in one way or another. 

When it comes to writing new music, do you find yourself sitting in front of a synth building that perfect patch? What’s your starting point? 

I usually start with laying down a groove on a drum machine. I might start with a baseline after that or sit on the keyboard and try to get a nice chord progression going. Sometimes it can happen instantly, sometimes hours or days. 

Are there any local artists who have caught your ear recently that we should we know about? 

The new Hybrid Man release and live shows are awesome! 

Who are the artists you look up to? 

 Luv Jam from the UK. He runs Blinds Jacks Journey amongst other labels. He just has a very cool and DIY way of doing things and I respect that a lot. Not to mention he has impeccable taste in music. 

Mr G because his productions are so raw and damn soulful. It took a lot of influence from the way he plays live when finding my own feet on my set-up. 

Finn Johannsen. God the guy can mix house music like no other. 

Can we expect another substantial release anytime soon? 

I am working on a lot of music at the moment a release for Love Above Records with my partners in crime, Dawn Again and Ingrid. We’ve been throwing parties for a few years under The Love Above and turning it into a label seemed like the next best step for us. 

Buy tickets to Tessellate here.

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