Music Migration: KaySoul

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For our latest instalment of Music Migration we are pleased to share a mix from up and coming South African producer and DJ Kaysoul. Enjoy an hour of deep grooves and old school sounds.

Tell us about this mix?

I sat down and started to gather 10 tracks that have the same mood to come up with a chill mix. This mix is I put together for you is a mixture of Deep House and Chicago signature of music and I selected records that describes me well as a DJ.

Currently based in South Africa, has this had much of an effect on your mixing and productions?

Yes, this plays a role in my mixing and productions because I draw a lot of inspiration from Chicago House and Detroit House. I grew up listening to this a lot. I like the Groove, Soul and Energy on the Chicago House and Detroit House music.

For Australians, South Africa has a scene that we are not familiar with, how would you describe it?

The South African House music scene is eclectic because people from here appreciate every type of house music played to them. South Africa is House music 24/7.

Your productions seem to be influenced heavily by the sounds of old school Chicago house music, what other genres or era's have influenced you as an artist?

Yes, you are right. The other genres that influenced me as an artist are Kwaito (Kwaito is basically a slowed tempo music similar to house music), Hip Hop and Jazz. The era between 2000 till present influenced me a lot as an artist. The music that was released at that time inspired me to be on the scene.

Are there any other producers, DJ's or crews from South Africa that we should be aware of?

Yes, they are plenty but I will name a few of them. It's the likes of Vicmari, Muzi, DJ Bubbles, Dark Art, BNinjas, Rephlex and KVRVBO

What are your early inspirations?

My early inspirations comes from being around a group of like minded people and creative people because your creative spirit needs the right environment to thrive/grow/develop.

What are you currently working on, what is next?

I am currently working on new projects for this year and next year. I have a vocal track I featured a producer from Greece (Babis Kotsanis) and a vocalist from South Africa (Zani Sizani) forthcoming next year on a various compilation. I also have a collaboration with Lazarusman.

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