The White Night Forecast: Your guide to Melbourne’s nightlife this week

The White Night Forecast: Your guide to Melbourne’s nightlife this week


The White Night edition of your guide to the fun things happening at dance floors across Melbourne.


Ethereal - Boney


Venue - Boney
Entry Fee - $0
Time - 9PM

Get your White Night up and going with a cosmic experience upstairs at Boney. A local starry lineup featuring Common Romance, Jazz, Eddy Gordon and Hamish Williams will create a Detroit inspired celestial night of groovy tunes, industrial chaos and sweat-inducing dancing. 

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White Night: Darcy Justice, DJ emerald, Loure (Live), Rings Around Saturn (live), Squaring Circles (Live Electronic Set) + Toni Yotzi

Venue - RADAR
Entry fee - Free
Time- 9PM

One of expected highlights of the White Night music program will take place at Radar(formally Lounge). Squaring Circles will play a live electronic set,  and the playful Darcy Justice, the jazzy House of Loure and diverse selector and Melbourne fav Toni Yotzi will be among the highlights.  

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Reflex 2nd Birthday w/ Female Wizard + Salvador Darling

Venue - The Sub Club

Entry Fee - 10

Time - 10

Reflex is celebrating their 2nd birthday with Melbourne icon Female Wizard. Female Wizard (Powertrip) is utterly fearless, empowering and has an immersive way of weaving a sonic experience that breaks down stigma and taboo.  Reflex resident Wavetable will open and another of Melbourne’s stars, Salvador Darling will showcase his multisensory talent. Expect SLAM ROSS 1000 to slam(sorry) some hard-hitting techno and keep your legs slamming(sorry again) until sunrise. 

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Soi: Nerve (Live), Artemis, Loif, Ham

Venue -  Angel Music Bar

Entry Fee - At the door

Time - 11pm

If you’re looking for something a little bit abstruse, abrasive but ultimately danceable, check out these local up and comers at Angel Music Bar.  Nerve (Steeplejack), Artemis, Loi, Ham Laosethakul(Soi, Faultlines, Steeplejack)  will be making things a bit textured, industrial and noisy. Expect some strange video & visuals to go with it.

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Naive Melody: Whitehart, Run Free

Venue -  Whitehart Bar

Entry Fee - Free

Time -4pm

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If you can’t wait until the evening, come to Whitehart Bar and let Kiss FM regulars Naive Melody warm things up. Krejus (host of the Sunday cure), Bucci Boy(Dance Therapy) with his honey dripping Italo tinged house, and others like Casa De Amigos(House of Friends), Babycino will be playing tracks close to his heart. Feel the love, get aeroplane jelly wobbly and grab a wood-fired pizza, as they’re pretty good. 

Soothsayer x White Night


Venue -  Section 8

Entry Fee - Free

Time - 5:30pm

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As you aimlessly walk into random light projections why not wander into section 8, especially If you haven’t heard Pjenné & Millú DJ together yet! Expect anything ranging meditative to hedonistic as these two really capable selectors weave some funky stuff. Also featuring is Whiskey Houston who has a distinct blend of techno and disco. Get in early before the line gets too long.

DJ Kiti & Chiara Kickdrum - All Night Long


Venue -  Angel Music Bar

Entry Fee - 10

Time - 10pm

FB event -

7 hours of 4 on the floor for 10 dollars(plus those pesky booking fees), I call that a real bargain in an area of real wage stagnation! 

Techno queens DJ Kiti & Chiara Kickdrum are ready to cause some madness and mayhem. Just remember to take some glucosamine and take it easy on your knees. Get in quick as angel music bar has an intimate but limited capacity.

Xtravaganza we feel we love we dance

Venue - Loft at Geddes Lane

Entry Fee -  20+

Time - 10

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Chaira Kickdrum Again!!! will pop up again @ the Loft as well as Xe54 regular Mha Iri and a big host of others to bring a heavy techno festival decadence avant-garde atmosphere. Dance your hearts out and bring a fan, I know it’s winter but it’s going to be hot and heaving. They have a cloakroom so be sure to use that!

Words by the dashing Thinh Thanh

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