Interview: Loure

Interview: Loure


Ahead of his debut Australian ‘toure’ we chat with Loure about what to expect from his shows across the nation, creating music for thought and the secret behind his well kept moustache.

Since we last spoke you’ve been putting in some work, what have been some of the highlights since you launched your live band show?

I’ve been real busy over the last few months, it’s been tight. The release of my last record “Avenues” was definitely up there. The record sold out in the first week or two, which I just couldn’t believe - that was big deal for me. More recently I signed with WAT Artists, who are handling my bookings now. The moves been dope, they’re super supportive. We have a national tour lined up and kicking off next month, which I’m really looking forward too.

Are you taking the band on the road with you?

Not this time around. Majority of the band are currently overseas at the moment, so things just didn’t align. Definitely on the cards for the near future.

DJ’ing has been something you’ve picked up of late, how have you found this experience and how does it compare to performing your own songs?

Yeah people seem to think It’s a bit backwards haha. I guess I was initially more interested in making my own music, rather than playing other people’s. It’s still the same deal now – though I kind of got to a point where I’d hear a joint and think “I’d like to hear this in the club”, I guess things just eventuated from there. When I DJ it’s different, I rarely play my own stuff. I more or less take it as an opportunity to play all the tracks I wished I made haha. I think the main difference comes from your ability to control the floor. When you play live you have to play the set you’ve planned, you can’t diverge from it because it’s the only option you have. That can be detrimental if you’ve planned something that completely misses the vibe on the night. But when you’re Dj’ing you have complete control over those things – you can read a crowd and choose what direction you’re going to pursue. I think that’s really dope – It’s kind of the reason I’m so hooked on it now.

What are some records you’ve been giving some time recently?

These have been on heavy rotation lately:

Ryuichi Sakamoto - /05
Bambounou – Orbiting
Tenderlonious – The Shake Down

On your latest EP, ‘Avenues’ you described the project as ‘creating music for thought’, what kind of mindset do you have to adapt for this kind of music and how does it compare to creating music for the dance floor?

That record turned out the way it did because of things that were happening at that point in time. The process was the same but the aim was different. I said it too FLUX, I wanted to make something that was an expression of what I was experiencing at that time. That wasn’t easy – I really needed to push myself to find the motivation to actually sit there and make something - previously it had come so freely. I guess the difference is the thought that went into that record. You can be passive when working on club tracks – if it sounds tight and you’re out of your seat whilst you’re making it, it’s probably good. It was different with the last record. ‘Avenues’ was dependant on the feeling it provoked – if it didn’t make you feel, it didn’t get finished.

Your national tour will take you to Canberra, Perth and Hobart. What’re you most excited about for these shows?

I guess just getting the chance to play in those places will be dope. I haven’t been to Perth before, but I hear the scene up there is something to talk about. Canberra will be a burner for sure. The CHS people are my G’s - I’ve played up there previously - and sharing the night with Harvey Sutherland will be an absolute pleasure / (honour?). It can be a bit intimidating playing in places you haven’t been before – it’s hard to know what the vibe is. Either way, I’m mainly just looking forward to laying it down and hanging out with some soon to be homies.

What kind of Loure set can we expect on this national tour?

I feel really good about the set I’ve got together for the tour. Sometimes when you’re preparing for live shows, you find things just don’t come together the way you were initially expecting them too - that hasn’t been the case this time around, which is nice haha.

I’ve re-worked some old tracks, brought in some new, pulled it all together with some love - Its sounding like some OG Lou in the club type shit haha. Everything sounds the way it should - hopefully it sounds like something that’ll make you move.

What’s your moustache care routine?

Generally just hit with an uppercut once a week haha.

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