Interview: JNETT

Interview: JNETT


DJ JNETT is a stalwart in the Melbourne scene. Throughout her career she has hosted the television program ‘Recovery’ on ABC, hosted ‘Are You Ready?’ on PBS and educated dancefloors throughout Melbourne since the early 90’s, with an unbridled enthusiasm, eclectic selections and flawless technique - DJ JNETT is truly a luminary within the city. We exchanged some words with JNETT as she takes over the reigns of the Toff Bandroom every Saturday night, bringing Wildlife to the cities CBD on a weekly routine basis.

Wildlife is beginning to become a brand for you, you've had the EP and now your own night named after it. What does Wildlife mean to you, and what form do you hope it'll take on Saturday nights and the Toff?

Wildlife first and foremost holds the connection to the natural world as it’s primary appeal. It resonates with our love of nature, a living & breathing and ever changing world so important to our existence.

Wildlife creates an outlet to ideally get lost in a space, be immersed in wonderful music & sound, people, community, positive energy and our innate instinct to move our bodies to the rhythm and simply feel free!

It seems to have organically birthed somewhat of a brand I guess yes. It did begin with the EP and clearly that connection wasn't over with, and thus has been an inspiration to name Toff’s new Saturday night as Wildlife.

It feels quite serendipitous that you're taking reigns of Saturday nights at the Toff. Is it something you've been planning and now the timing seems right, or is it something which just came up?

Serendipity is absolutely an honest way to describe it, your feeling is real & it did just come up. I have at the same time been a long standing resident in the carriage at the Toff in Town, and we have toyed with the idea here and there, but this time it really was a moment where the opportunity actually presented itself and timing did seem right.

We're all very accustomed to your penchant for digging, can we expect to see you bring down some of your favourite selectors from home and abroad?

I am absolutely excited about bringing a bunch of my favourite selectors from home and overseas. DJ’s that have really inspired me from early on … the first two weeks sees the amazing Jimmy James and the wonderful DJ Christo. Their selections never cease to amaze and inspire!! Guests will range from old & new, from near or afar, there’s already internationals that are down to come a feature guest, and those names will be revealed as we proceed into Wildlife.

Having been an influential figure in Melbourne's underground dance culture for some twenty years now, you've seen the scene in many different phases and stages. Which aspects of the culture would you like to cultivate at Wildlife?

The aspects I would really love to help cultivate really all about a wonderful quality of sound, dancing and the community. A belief in reconnecting with the idea of creating energy and movement in itself with no one visual focus. There will be amazing visuals by b2b creative, encouraging the idea of rediscovering and recreating a moment where people are dancing , immersed and stimulated in sound and visuals and not feeling forced to simultaneously face the DJ.

If you can, what's a song which you best think represent the identity Wildlife?

Oh right this instant as I read this question Jovonn - Be Free is the first song that came to my mind. Oh but there’s also…Sunbear - I Heard the Voice of Music Say (that I can’t get enough of right now!!) and is a goosebump tune every time!

However……it is about so so so so many songs….the list is endless and definitely lends itself to the idea of a Wild Life Compilation in the future.

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