Interview: Benny Rausa

Interview: Benny Rausa


The minds behind 6AM at the Garage, Lounge, Lucid and Something Unlimited have come together to take the reigns one of Melbourne’s most troubled after hours venues. The new venue, ‘Colour’ is designed to celebrate the vibrancy and variety of night life music with the capacity to support both club and live music atmosphere’s with the venue’s two-floor two-room layout. With a string of closure’s and grey clouds hanging over other venues, Colour stands against the trend. We exchanged some questions with Benny Rausa, one of the heads behind the new endeavour to discuss the new venue.

Will the upstairs always operate as a band room, or is there the option for the space to revert to the previous two-level nightclub?

Upstairs will be multi-purpose. We can certainly operate as a two-level venue or with separated levels for two different events.

The decision to have a band room and a more traditional nightclub capacity combined into one space seems like a conscious one, what's the thinking behind this?

The aim with this decision was to create a space that can facilitate diverse programming. Live music is as much a part of our lives as the traditional nightclub format is. The aim behind this venue is almost to amalgamate the work Liam and I have done across various places of employment booking bands and djs. Creating a beautiful fusion of jazz, dance, punk, funk and everything in-between.

The name colour suggests variety and vibrancy, will the venue have any programming sensibility it will follow?

We aim to carry the concept of the name through to every part of the club. If you’ve met Liam or I you’ll know we don’t take ourselves to seriously. We like to have fun and most importantly facilitate fun for other people. Colour aims be a vibrant splash of light amongst the tired dark and serious traditional nightclub setting.

You've got an opening program featuring Club D’erange, Le Fag, Red Bull, Z-FEX, Angst Fest, Syrup, Lucid & Dance Flaws, can you shed any more light on this?

We’re very happy to have a super program of launch parties throughout October and November. Some have been friends of ours for a while and others we welcome for the first time. We think that all are super well thought out and put together with people that care about the finer details of the party. Quality is to be expected here!

The space has previously attracted a reputation for mismanagement, going forward, how do you think Colour will provide the after hours venue the community is looking for, and needs?

The space has unfortunately been mistreated and mismanaged by prior owners. We’ve spent the last month untangling and fixing these problems so believe us we know! Liam and I like to think we have a pretty good idea on the dynamics of late night culture. Why it’s good, when it’s not necessary and why it’s important to keep such a license alive. I think that coming from the angle of a promoter, DJ, manager, venue manger and most importantly, a punter, we are able to empathise with these parties in the ideation and execution of how the venue operates as the business owner. We hope that we do a decent job!

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For further information or booking enquiries contact:

Colour’s opening night is Thursday, the third of October.

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